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Overview Extra-Curriculars
Firayalal Public School creates space for a child to prosper into an imaginative and well-informed being through complete academic and extra-curricular activities . Adequate opportunities are provided to excel through our inclusive &diverse programmes
Music and the creative arts are part of the joy of humanity; but are they too often overlooked in education, in favour of the more ‘useful’ subjects such as science and maths? Music is not only valuable in its own right, but it can improve performance in other subjects too..Firayalal Public School has a wide-ranging infrastructure with complete freedom to participate in Arts & Music.
The quality of physical learning environment goes hand in hand with academic performance. Firayalal Public School gives equalimportance to academics as well as sports, arts & culture which helps in inculcating concentration, discipline, time management and most importantly a positive competitive spirit in a Child.
A Savoury Blend of Academics, Highly Spiced with Arts, Sports, Service Different experiences.
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