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About School
Firayalal Public School is a co-educational senior secondary School from Class Nursery to XII which is divided into 3 wings viz Primary (Class Nursery to V), Middle (VI to VIII), Senior and Senior Secondary (Class IX to XII) sections and is affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi(upto Senior Secondary -- Period of affiliation - 01/04/2022 to 31/03/2027). The School is secular and does not impart any specific religious instructions
Firayalal Public School owes its existence to the initiative, enthusiasm and inspiration of Shri Harish Munjal; who had a vision to provide all round education that will help in character building and would produce citizens useful to society and nation building. The School was established in the year 1998 with Classes Pre-Nursery , Nursery and Prep .With every passing year one class each was added till Class VIII after which the School was affiliated with C.B.S.E, New Delhi in the year 2007.
The school is run by Ajay Munjal Memorial Trust which was created in the loving memory of Late Ajay Munjal, brother of our visionary, Shri Harish Munjal. The trust is administered by a distinguished Board of Trustees.
A Savoury Blend of Academics, Highly Spiced with Arts, Sports, Service Different experiences.
About Firayalal public school
FPS offers its students a very effective and unique platform for academic excellence and unlocking child's true potential and make them responsible citizens. The Primary Years Programme begins in Kindergarten (for 3to6 year old students) and continues through Grade 6. It provides a solid foundation of concepts, skills and attitude which ensure success making a base of student core values and concepts to middle class of classes 6th to 8th - inculcating a practical and logical approach in academic process and encouraging an engagement in non-pedagogical fields like sports, arts, cultural activities and last but not the least Grade 11 and 12 - helps students to be career oriented and developing and prioritizing an expertise in a specific field with innovation. Students from FPS are filled with aplomb and self-assured and are 'Ready for the world, ready for the future.'
FPS makes sure students gets proper counselling and healthy studying environment prioritizing a stimulating academic performance. We make sure students enjoy learning outdoors in beautiful gardens and green spaces. They also get to learn in spacious, well-equipped classrooms with special facilities for art, music, drama and film.
Focus on the Students
The curriculum of Firayalal Public School focuses on the students, making learning fun and effective through innovative methodologies designed to engage them actively. With a favourable student - teacher ratio of 25:1 and excellent programmes, students can expect learning to be enjoyable and meaningful at FPS.
  • Sports
  • Unique subject combinations like music, films and art
  • Comfortable transport arrangements
  • Unique non-vertical infrastructure
  • We believe that environment is the third teacher - nurturing the young minds and shaping them into like-minded citizens
Distinctive Features of the School
  • The school lies within the heart of Ranchi with a lush green campus and state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities
  • Set up as a Signature Small School with 1200 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and teaching faculty of 50, promoting individualised and personalized learning
  • Term, Monthly, Weekly Tests are taken for holistic development of the child
  • The teaching faculty , Principal and School Management are approachable thereby promoting constant contact with students for study, enrichment and guidance
  • The FPS Primary Class Programme is integrated with the CBSE curriculum and provides an integrated approach to early childhood education
  • Full-time Learning Support teachers to work with each class from Kindergarten to Grade 6
  • Service to the community is an integral part of the programme of FPS School
FPS is different
What is it that makes Firayalal Public School different from other schools?

• Firstly, it is located in the centre of Ranchi with a sprawling , safe and secure campus yet away from the noise , hustle & bustle of the City.

• Secondly, it is equipped with the latest technology, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. FPS is entirely run on solar energy which contributes in reducing the Carbon footprint in the environment

• Thirdly, the faculty comprising of experienced teachers with excellent teaching track records are recruited from across the country.

• The Governing Body of FPS leave no stone unturned in making Firayalal Public School a choice for local as well as citizens who believe in quality education.

Our Remarkable Facilities at FPS
  • Labs, having computers equipped with multimedia and latest educational software packages
  • IT resource room equipped with multimedia personal computers
  • Well-equipped science laboratories for research work
  • Studios for dance, orchestral practices, music and choral rehearsals
  • An air-conditioned auditorium where students can showcase their talent through a wide array of activities
  • In-house medical facilities with highly qualified medical team to care for your child's health
  • Equipped with latest safety gadgets for a safe & secure environment
How Firayalal Public School prepares students for the future?
FPS has established friendly links with outstanding educational institutions, nationally. Students interact with their peers through electronic links in schools around the world. There are opportunities for student exchanges, services, co-curricular activities and home-stay programmes specially arranged by the school.
As FPS offers many opportunities to interact with students from other backgrounds through conferences, exchanges and service projects. FPS students participate in national olympiads in India coming out with flying colours and around the world and the school also hosts its own annual fests . There is ample opportunity to build an network with students and schools in Ranchi, within the classroom and through student exchange programmes, co-curricular activities and academic events specially arranged by the school.
Ready for The World, Ready for The Future
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