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Transfer Certificate Sample


  • Parents or guardians who wish to withdraw their ward from the school must give to the Principal one month’s notice in writing of their intention or pay one month’s school fee and transport fee (if the Bus facility is being availed) in lieu of such notice.

    Application for T.C. must be in writing and signed by the parent or guardian. The T.C. would be issued after one week after when dues to the school are paid.

    In case of absenteeism of a child for two months without any written information to the principal, the name of the student shall be struck off from the attendance register of the school.

    A student can be asked to leave the school by the school authorities at any time of the year on the following grounds:

    • • Unsatisfactory progress
    • • Irregular attendance
    • • Indiscipline
    • • Detention in a class
    • • Habitual idleness
    • • Disobedience
    • • Use of bad language
    • • Smoking / Consumption of Alcohol / tobacco
    • • Conduct injurious to the progress of the school
    • • Disrespect
    • • Repeated misbehavior against the spirit of the school
    • • A child who fails twice in the Same class.

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